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Five steps to a Successful LinkedIn Campaign.

Linkedin offers a variety of opportunities to connect with potential customers, and if you learn how to make use of it, it is a great tool to connect, interact, network and promote your business. Today we’ll talk of how to set up an advertising campaign on LinkedIn. The value of LinkedIn Campaigns. LinkedIn offers fantastic targeting options. You can select […]

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Usefulness: A Digital Marketing Roadmap

Digital usefulness: rethink your approach to marketing. from Mario Gastaldi A changing Scenario in Digital Marketing Advertising has always been the tool most often used to attract the attention and sell to our audience. This is especially true before digital media became so pervasive. Businesses pay to compete for the attention of their customers. Examples […]

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The latest from Facebook

Facebook algorithm changes, and these news are not going to please everyone. It seems useful to look at these changes, and provide recommendations for Facebook Pages Owners. Facebook has tweaked its algorithm in an attempt to improve its users’ experience. These tweaks are changing the probability that your content is displayed in the users’ newsfeed. Facebook […]

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