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Customer persona: 5 benefits of understanding it well.

Customer Persona

As business owners, instead of thinking of obscure concepts (customer persona!), we want customers. We want many and we want them fast.

We try not to lose any opportunity, and at times we go for everything that breathes!
Our message becomes very generic and unrelated as we try to persuade everyone. Nobody is attracted too much by what we say. We start realizing that we can’t approach everyone in the same way.

Does this happen to you?
It has happened to us.

All of us need that our offers and our message are good for our specific customers.

And here we want to help you be the right business for the right kind of customer.

By creating customers personas for your business.

Now, if you are already persuaded that you need to think in terms of customer personas, just go ahead and download our guide.

If you are not persuaded, before it gets scary for your business, read on!

What is a customer persona?

A customer persona is your ideal client. There can be more than one, for your different products or channels. But let’s keep it simple for a moment and let’s focus on only one ideal customer.

You need to know and decide which are their likes, dislikes, tastes, passions. You need to know their motivations, their behaviors and what keeps them awake at night.

This way all your marketing and sales efforts will match what they expect, a very good thing for you and for them.

If you only have a fuzzy idea of who your customer personas are, you will shoot in the dark. You will talk with a tone they don’t like. You will look for them in the wrong places. You will end up finding the wrong people that will not want to buy your things anyway. You will send the wrong message to the wrong people and will damage your brand.

5 Key benefits of using customer personas.

1. You know which problem they have that you can solve.

When you understand your customer problem, you can craft your offer. You can plan your marketing and sales with precision.
If you sell purses, you need to know what kind of woman is your ideal client. Is she sophisticated?

Is she going to buy a bag to make a fashion statement? Or is she looking to save and get the best value for money? Give a hard look at your product and make a decision about who you are going to sell it.

2. You can improve service and product development

Once you know the problem, you can design your product or service. Your products and services are useless if you don’t design them as the solution to a problem. The more you learn about your customer personas, the better you can design and tweak your products and services.

Let’s say that you are developing and selling information products to basketball players. Now, you could focus on 17 years old athletes looking to become pro basketball players. Or you could target week-end basketball players in their 40s.

Make a decision.

Do you see how your communication is going to take a totally different shape?

3. You know where your customers are.

If you know them, you know where they are, online and not.
And it’s not so simple as saying that your customers are on Facebook.

Facebook is becoming the online world. We are all there. But we will be in various groups and will engage in different conversations. We all have different interests.

Since you can target your clients with ads, the more you know about their interests, the more precisely you can reach them.

If you own a dental clinic you may be targeting customers with basic needs (tooth-ache).

Or instead, you may want to focus on people who just want to look great. These people have high-end aesthetic needs. Their income and their interests will be different. The way you target them, the way you work your ad creative is different.

4. You get high-quality leads.

Some leads will never be your customers because your offer is not right for them. Don’t waste yours, and their time. And there are leads that you will not want as clients because they are not right for you. They may be too high-maintenance, or they don’t understand your offering.
Example: you have a real estate agency dealing with luxurious high-end mansions. You will not want your sales people to use one minute of time with leads interested in a low-cost apartment. You will save so much time and money without even ever getting them in your sales funnel.

5. Effective internal communication and coordination of marketing efforts.

With a clear set of customer personas, you will create a shared language across your marketing team.

Everyone in your team will refer to each customer group with clarity and speed.

Each campaign will work for each buyer persona with no confusion. The work of implementing the campaign, (ads, content, visuals, channels) will be efficient.

Your internal communication will be powerful, and the result of the work amazing.

5. Analytics and tracking.

If you have marketing campaigns for each customer group, the work of tracking results will be easy. You will have data that is specific to each customer group. With this knowledge, you can learn and improve your campaigns.

Now you know five important reasons why you want to use customer personas. You are just at the beginning. Now your next step is to focus on your business, your products, and services. Who is your best and most profitable client? Who do you want to help? Who is going to enjoy the most buying your products and services?

We have prepared a pretty good template. Go ahead, download it and get started right now.