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Email and Marketing Automation

Your customers read Email

Email is part of our habits, and it doesn't seem that any other channel is going to replace it.

As a sales tool it comes with significant benefits for your business.

It's low cost: you pay Facebook ads. You don't pay for an email you send.

If you do it right, you only send email to people who subscribed to your list. Most times they will be looking forward to receiving your messages.

You can segment your audience. So you can send different messages that are relevant to different groups of them.

It's perfect for calls to actions and impulse buying.

Emails are easy to create if you use the right platform. It is simple to track what each subscriber does.

You can automate it. You can organize it in different sequences you send according to different behaviors.

You own your list of subscribers, and you do not depend on any other channel to communicate with them.

Email marketing also has its challenges. You need a solid list building process; you need to write the emails. You need a strategy for how emails are going to drive sales in your business.

What we do to help you with email marketing.


Set up a process to build your email lists. (Lead generation). It includes the creation of lead magnets, blog posts, landing pages. It also includes traffic campaigns with either Facebook Ads or Google AdWords.

Understand your business

Research and analyze your competitors

Set goals for your business

Research your customer persona

Research your Audience


Activate and set up your Email and marketing automation on Active Campaign

Set up campaigns

Define segments, lists, tags

Define automations

Set up of autoresponder sequences

Plan your campaigns.


Write your subject lines (to get the emails opened)

Write your emails

Design of email templates

Set up reports

Analyze data

Deploy and manage the whole email and marketing automation process

How you can get started

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