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Bernd Wilhelm

The team at Across Digital always delivered in time, even with frequent requests for changes from our side. We like the look of our website very much! It perfectly reflects the nature of the business we are in. Till now we have been receiving great appreciation for our new appearance on the internet.
Mario always has a good piece of advice for us . He was eager to learn about the specifics of our business, our strengths, and difficulties, to be able to offer the most suitable solutions.
Terrific appearance on the web! Talking to our potential customers in four different languages.

Bernd and Larissa Whilelm 

SKR Communications

SKR Wellness

SKR Luxury

Proactiveness in handling the projects. Constant communication with the web developer. Support provided in a timely manner. They were available for all issues we had and they were happy to help when we had changes to make. We had an overall support during the whole project even if this was not in the original planning.
Mario was always available when there was any kind of issue. He was very informative and would not hesitate to provide his support. He would go into details of what was required and would foresee any issue we may have and provide plausible solution. It was a great experience to work with him. He is truly professional in his approach and was very helpful.
We had worked on three websites with him and there was no major issue upon launch. The visibility of our company was enhanced and this was a way of getting the social mass to get more information about our company and the products we market.

Veena Ghyaram
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Your Guide in Panama




Alfa Romeo

Mario's ability to understand the challenges and desires of his clients is unrivaled. There is no doubt I will hire him again in the future. If you want someone with talent, communication skills and experience, you will not find anyone better than Mario Gastaldi.

Kate Frank
Alternative Health Agency


Banque des Mascareignes