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Facebook Advertising

Everyone is on Facebook.

There are over 1,86 billion monthly active Facebook users. The number grows by 17% year over year.

There are 1.15 billion mobile daily Facebook users.

Once upon a time there was TV and printed media. Now people read news and entertain themselves on digital media. Facebook is the one that attracts us the most.

Business owners, families who plan their next vacation, ladies looking for their new purse; everyone is on Facebook.

As a business owner you can reach people on google while they search.

On Facebook you can reach your clients while they are entertaining themselves. For this reason, advertising on Facebook involves an extra layer of complexity. You must create ads that mix well with the stream, entertain and are relevant.

At the same time, Facebook offers tools to help you manage that complexity. When advertising with Facebook you have unbelievable targeting options. You are in the position to reach your exact audience at a very low cost.

Yet, you run the risk of wasting a lot of money if your campaign are not well managed, and the quality of your ads is poor. You could even get your account suspended if you don't follow Facebook ads rules.

What we do to help you with Facebook Advertising.


Understand your business

Research and analyze your competitors

Set goals for your business

Set up your Facebook ads account

Research your customer persona

Research your Audience


Create Facebook Audiences as needed

Create Custom audiences (based on email lists or other data)

Create lookalike audiences

Set up Campaigns

Create Adverts sets

Create ads

Match ads to your brand and your audience

Produce ads copy and visuals


Ensure compliance with Facebook rules

Install Facebook Pixels for different objectives

Manage your monthly campaigns

Create or optimize your landing pages

Create or optimize your sales pages

Design, structure or optimize your website

Offer advice on your offer: product or service

Set up Custom reporting

Offer ongoing access to your account manager

How you can get started

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