Get Your Strategy Session

Our Strategy Session will open up the world of fast business growth, marketing automation and sales funnel creation.

It is a defining moment for you and your business.

It is a full hour of ​undivided attention and workshopped solutions.

Whether you are aware of marketing automation or only just discovering its exciting opportunities, you will benefit from the following tools to get started.

What you get:

1. A customized roadmap to create a sales funnel for your own business, including:

1. ​customer buying process

2. products and services design strategies

3. pricing strategies

4. the logic that drives everything​

2. The technologies you need and the reasons why.    

I'll provide you with examples of alternative tools that may work well for you. 

You will learn:

1. how to choose the ones that work best in your business

2.  how to best integrate these technologies

3. The best traffic Strategies

When your sales funnel is ready, you will need to drive traffic to its entry points.

We'll consider alternative traffic strategies and what works best in your business. 

4. Full recording of the session: your blueprint

I will immediately send you the file with the recording of the session.

It will be the check-list with your next steps. You will be able to immediately get started creating your sales funnel.

Please fill in the  questionnaire on the next page to help us assess whether the session is going to benefit your business.

We'll only request  payment if your booking is approved.