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Mario Gastaldi was featured in, or worked with ...

Mario Gastaldi was featured in, or worked with ...

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Knowing who is your ideal customer will make sure your marketing works. It will make sure that you speak and sell to the right person.

It will save you months of efforts and lost opportunities.

Your business should be unstoppable.

But growth can be confusing, expensive and time-consuming. With no clear path, your efforts will cost you money, time and frustration. Your progress could be stifled.

Mario Gastaldi

I help business owners and 
marketing managers
create their business growth strategy.


Your best customers have unique attributes. Be aware. Position your offer in a way that matches their specific needs. They will feel you are - no doubt - what they are looking for.


Businesses grow thanks to lead generation and nurturing processes. By automating the system, your offer is top of mind. And your cash-flow goes from uncertain to stable.


Your clients reject disconnected messages. They want communication that speaks to their needs. With technologies you can make it both personalized and automated.

... nothing shy of amazing ...

Working with Mario was nothing shy of amazing. He helped me clarify my message and provided the advice I needed to launch. As a startup, information overload can make things very confusing but Mario made it that much easier. I highly recommend and I will definitely rehire.

RACHELLE SASSINE  //  Google Premier Partner and Brand strategist

Work with me ... 

Like most of my clients you are likely brilliant at what you do. But you are not growing your business as fast, or as much, as you would like.

And you find it difficult to outline a simple growth strategy that will work well for you.

Take the first step.

Download your customer profile worksheet

Whether we'll choose to work together or not, move forward and get to understand who is your customer, their psychology and their motivation. Click download and get it now.

... would recommend him to anyone looking to grow ...

Mario has a lot of knowledge about numerous aspects of digital marketing and was extremely helpful and professional. I learned a lot from him, and would recommend him to anyone looking to grow their business.

ANDREW BARR  //  Barr Health and Fitness

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