About us

You are ...

a business owner, a marketing manager, a CEO. We know you well.

You fight every day to give your business traction and consistent reliable growth. You want to do this for your business, your people, yourself, to feel accomplished. You want the rewards and you want to see that your work is good and that you are good at your craft.

This is amazing. The world at large benefits from people like you.

But you face challenges.

At times you struggle. Who are your customers, how do they make decisions, where are they? How do you design the best and most unique product or service for them?

How do you get them to buy from you?​ What kind of system should you put in place? Which technologies and tools should you use? Which channels should you leverage?

All this can be confusing, stressful, complex. At times it's overwhelming.​

I can relate.

Hi, my name is Mario Gastaldi, and I have been working for more 25 years across the most diverse industries. I know the small family company. And I know the challenges of global companies such as Novartis or Eli Lilly. I've worked all over the world. I speak three languages and I help clients in the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America. And I love it.

Your business should be unstoppable.

No matter what. 

And you need a clear plan to get there. We offer you a 3-step process to transform the way you grow your business.

​1. A clear and simple strategy with answers to important questions: who are your clients, what do they want, how do they buy? You get the process that you need to put in place to attract clients and take them by the hand until they buy. We show you which technologies you need to use and how.

​2. Powerful technology.  You get an integrated system that works. This is your money-making machine. Web pages, landing pages, sales pages, payment systems, marketing and email automation-it may seem complicated. It doesn't have to be. We can help you.

​3. Greater traffic. Once your machine has been set up, you will drive traffic to to the entry points. You will reap the benefits of content, social media, and digital advertising. You will attract more eyes and ears and sustain their interest. Your machine will convert them into customers.

Apply for a free strategy call with us to discover what's possible.

Transform your business. Move from a daily fight for survival, to a pathway to success.

Abandon stress and insecurity. Find confidence with an automated business growth system in place generating greater income for you. Consistent and predictable.​

For more than 25 years, Mario Gastaldi has forged a unique reputation ...

for dynamism, leadership and strategic thinking in the business world. He’s helped industry giants such as Coca Cola, Novartis, Ely Lilly, ST Microelectronics, Fujitsu and Kronos boost their marketing tactics and improve their bottom lines.

Mario conceived and organized projects in the most diverse settings:

He was one of the founding partners of the pioneering start-up Swarmteams. At pharmaceutical giant Novartis, Mario launched organizational communication and change in a truly corporate and global environment. He channeled the energy and the genius of Italian small businesses, helping them form networks which marketed and sold products in the most important world markets. He designed and led life-changing learning experiences for the MBA students at the University of Mauritius. He also helped the London-based Kronos global marketing and sales team align their strategies across markets as diverse as China, Latin America and Europe.

Mario’s a sought-after speaker at conferences such as SMAU (Milano, Padova, Roma, Bologna), Enterprise 2.0 Business Forum (Milano), Copenhagen Business School (Management Consulting Division) and the Mauritius HRDC Conference. He’s also delivered guest lectures at the University of Milan and the University of Mauritius. Mario’s has been writing for prestigious business magazines including L’Impresa, part of the Italian group Il Sole 24 Ore.

His latest project is Expatr.io, a resource and support network for aspiring world citizens. With empathy and insight, Mario listens, plans and strategizes one-on- one with clients. He helps them achieve their goals and takes their lives and businesses to the next level.

Email : [email protected]
LinkedIn: //pa.linkedin.com/in/mariogastaldi 
Twitter: //twitter.com/ mariogastaldi