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Facebook algorithm changes, and these news are not going to please everyone. It seems useful to look at these changes, and provide recommendations for Facebook Pages Owners.

Facebook has tweaked its algorithm in an attempt to improve its users’ experience. These tweaks are changing the probability that your content is displayed in the users’ newsfeed.

Facebook is showing your content, depending on the source of the content itself, and how valuable it is considered for users. In this picture, the so called “viral content” (think photos with nice looking, funny cats)  will be less likely to be shown. Here is what Lars Backstrom, Facebook Newsfeed Manager had to say

We don’t really think about it that much in terms of promoting and demoting certain kinds of content. The way we think about it is that we’re doing a better job of identifying value.


It’s not us trying to be more proscriptive. We’re trying to align our definition of value with that of our users.

From a user standpoint all this is good.  Think of how many pages you “like” and how many Facebook friends you have. Each of them, pages and friends, are posting content. How are you going to manage to read it all. You should spend your whole day in front of Facebook. Do you spend there all of your time?

So many of the businesses that use Facebook pages to promote their businesses will be affected. Some brand pages have been experimenting a significant decline in the number of people who see their posts.

Facebook wasn’t built for businesses to post free ads, (that’s what  Facebook page are). It is designed to attract a huge number of users, make their experience as good as it can be. A huge number of visitors are vital for Facebook to execute its business model and make money for itself.

This evolution in Facebook is comparable to previous Google algorithm updates (Panda among others); these aimed to provide an increasingly better user experience, and support Google’s own business model. You ,as a business owner who uses Facebook brand pages, are not a priority in this picture.

So here a few simple recommendation for those of you who have been using Facebook pages.

1. make sure you have and take care of your own digital real estate. This is your website and/or your blog.  These are assets you can control and should be the pillar of your digital presence. You can’t control social media spaces that do not belong to you; they will change and you won’t be asked what you think. You can only try to be as quick as possibile in understanding these changes, and adapting to them. So we get to the following point.

2. understand how Facebook, (in this case), evolves as you pursue your business goals. As things are now, if you want to get your content in front of Facebook users you should:

    1. post authoritative and high quality content coming from reputable sources;
    2. post often;
    3. buy ads or “boost your posts” (another way to pay for Facebook space). This is what Facebook wants you to do most.

And you, how are you making the best of your business presence on Facebook?



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