Google AdWords

Only pay if you customers click.

When people need something, they will search google. We all search for things we want to buy or we search for information.

There are 6.6 billions of searches each day. And there are 4.7 billions of searches on Google alone.

When you use google adwords, you promote your offer with an ad on top of the Google search results page. By doing so you are showing your ad to the very people who are looking for your solution to their problem.

In that moment those people have a strong intention to buy. There is no better moment for your business to appear in front of your potential client.

You are not interrupting them. You are not disturbing them. They are looking for you. Or your competitors.

Since they are searching for a solution, you can go straight to the point and sell them your product right away.

What we do to help you with Adwords.


Understand your business

Research your competitors

Set goals for your business

Set up or assess your Google Adwords account

Research your customer persona

Research Keywords

Build keyword lists


Organize and structure keywords

Set up campaigns

Set up ad groups

Write ads

Set up conversion tracking

Integrate Google analytics

Schedule Optimization


Manage monthly PPC campaigns

Optimize or design landing pages

Optimize or design Sales Pages

Optimize or design your website

Set up custom reporting

A dedicated account manager

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